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Melvin straightens his shirt as he steps out into the hall. At times he places his palms together and extends his arms cutting a path through people. CAROL'S RESTAURANT - DAY ANGLE ON WAITRESS CAROL CONNELLY talks with another MOTHER -- a customer. MELVIN People who talk in metaphors can shampoo my crotch. They turn away -- Melvin walks a few paces to the waitress station where two waitresses, LISA and CAROL, are talking. His walk is brisk -- an animal wanting to pass through the danger without giving off the scent of its mounting fear.

he puts Verdell down to reach for his wallet -- the tiny DOG YAPS in protest. The DOG YAPS "no." Simon, delighted, picks him up again. Simon reacts -- then notices the Handyman, tongue in cheek, trying to suppress his amusement. (looking at Verdell) How did he get down in the basement? Jackie lingers, looking on affectionately as Simon picks some awful, sticky gunk from the dog's body... HANDYMAN (smiling) In the basement garbage bin eating diaper shit. HANDYMAN Maybe some nice neighbor shoved him down the garbage chute. He unwraps one -- begins to wash -- discards it -- goes through the process two more times. SIMON'S APARTMENT, ENTRANCE HALL - NIGHT A group of PARTY GOERS enters -- followed by a HANDYMAN holding Verdell who looks and finds: SIMON who looks up -- lights up -- and tears up as he moves quickly toward the group and his dog. As the others greet Simon, Jackie directs the group inside. and he's going to put you up in Camp David and you just want to share the moment with someone... Not even if you hear a thud from inside my home and a week later there's a smell from in there that can only come from a decaying body and you have to hold a hanky against your face because the stench is so thick you think you're going to faint even then don't come knocking or, if it's election night and you're excited and want to celebrate because some fudge-packer you dated has been elected the first queer President of the United States...

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MELVIN (to Simon) What I know is that as long as you keep your work zipped up around me, I don't give a fuck what or where you shove your show. SIMON (to Frank) Do you still think I was exaggerating? FRANK Definitely a package you don't want to open or touch. He turns the lights quickly on and off and on five times and makes a straight-line towards his bathroom where he turns on the hot water and opens the medicine chest. MEDICINE CHEST Scores of neatly stacked Neutrogena soaps. JACKIE, Frank's junior partner, barking a laugh at the Party Goer -- VERDELL BARKING some love. How, she wondered, could she find such hope in the most shameful part of her.' He barely reacts as we hear a LOUD KNOCKING at he reads.

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