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“They have no idea where the next strangers will come from or even who they really are.” Tsay believes that the number of Chatroulette users will grow exponentially until it reaches a plateau and its popularity levels off. “Just like Facebook came after My Space, I think Chatroulette will definitely stick around, but will lead to newer versions of this same idea,” she predicts.She also sees a benefit for those who aren’t comfortable in social situations.“I don’t want to go anywhere near it.” Choi and Ricks say students shouldn’t let Chatroulette’s naughty reputation scare them away.“All our friends who are creeped out by it are the ones who haven’t tried it,” Choi says.

More recently, the company’s Venchurs Vehicle Systems has become a leader in converting pickup powertrains to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). VWerks' Predator Provides Affordable Raptor Look So, you like the way the Ford Raptor looks, but you don't necessarily need — or simply cannot afford to purchase or to insure — a pickup truck that can fly across desert terrain at full speed.The site functioned as a showroom for the product, built to convey Nexus’ premium feel and the worldwide popularity of its partner OS, Android.The photography grounds the products in a variety of lifestyles, showing how the hardware and software enhance everyday life.“You get to talk about anything and meet a lot of new people,” she says.“But I think the people obsessed with it most are the ones who didn’t have many friends growing up, like me,” she adds with a laugh.

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