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On Fri we met with a volunteer to explain Bog Wig's activities; he doesn't live locally but visits regularly and is keen to get involved. Photographed cresties and tree creepers at the Angle feeder.

Camera South of Loch Vaa Sat 7th and Sun 8th Jan On Saturday we changed the card in the Auchgourish camera and replaced the bait. On Sunday I did the same for the SWA camera 004 by Donald's track; somehow the camera had taken lots of shots of deer and jays and a pine marten but missed the actually taking of the bait.

Fri 13th to Tues 17th Jan A period of snow for a few days until the thaw set in on Sunday so it was mostly a matter of keeping feeders topped up interspersed with the occasional photo session for crested tits.

On Sunday we checked the Auchgourish camera where disappointingly the bait was untouched and there was no wildlife on the card, just two people and a dog passing by.

The second day was about genetics; very technical and well outside my area of expertise but it was useful to get an insight into which of our scientific partners are doing which aspects of the work and to meet the personalities I did not already know.

Over the two days there were a few opportunities for networking plus the chance to get to know the project staff rather better during the working sessions and over dinner on Weds evening.

Eddie Palmer giving evidence for Scottish Badgers at the Scottish Parliament Thurs 12th Jan Some snow fell overnight and there was more arriving as I went out with the dogs to top up some of the woodland feeders and also to check camera 004 and replace the bait.

A Crested Tit In Woods At Boat of Garten In January 2017 Weds 18th and Thurs 19th Jan Two days of meetings at RZSS in Edinburgh concerning the Scottish Wildcat Action project.

The first day was all about communication of various kinds including brain storming about how partner organisations could best contribute to the project and how we might best conduct a campaign for responsible cat ownership such as to persuade cat owners to make their cats "Super Cats" by having them vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.

Laid plans for more cat cameras in our woods as part of the Scottish Wildcat Action project.

On Tuesday 3rd we set up camera SWA 004 at the woodland edge, baited with chicken wings.

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