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Grade 3 stocks with some breaks, deep bruising, abrasions and dull steel finish with some pitting. Obsolete calibre pistols: Bentley type revolver, flintlock muff pistol, pinfire revolver and flintlock pocket pistol. Deactivated to EU/UK Specification, removable magazine. Technically they were the 1893/5 but this contract was marked Mod Mauser 1896; it was a 5-shot 7 x 57 bolt action rifle and was used with great effect against the British. Note: If you visit the Royal Armoury Museum in Leeds and view the Hall of Steel, you will see a large quantity of these Boer War Mausers in this spectacular display. Produced by Malty and Fazakerley, these are mostly 19 dated examples. Can be vastly improved with glueing, cleaning and home restoration. An Antique Obsolete Calibre - Fully Working No Licence Required. These examples are Excellent Condition Transvaal guns and are Deactivated to EU/UK Specification with fully moving parts which dry-fire. They are in Very Nice Condition with much finish having been in storage since the end of World War 2. 475 15 P&P Recently released from military storage, they are for the 1948 Yugo Mauser rifle; all blued finish with wooden grips, the blades marked with cyrillic lettering and 44 identifying the Zastava factory. New EU/UK Spec deactivated guns Now in Stock, Hundreds More to Follow. For sale are the following Great war artillery shell pieces: 1 x German 10.5cm Drill round, British 13Pdr shrapnel round, French 155mm HE round (no fuze), French 75mm Shrapnel round (no ogive/fuze) and Brass case, 2 x British No.101 fuzes, 1 x German Gr Z 04 (no threads), 1 x German Dopp Z 91, 1 x French AA 'Beehive' fuze. This has been restored just need the pads 1.250 M34 MG Lafette dated 1941, made by BTM 3.100 M34 MG Lafette dated 1943 made by FSU. Every Fridayour Military Antique Weapons Auctions are stocked with high quality, hand picked lots. We can Re-Deactivate your guns to the New EU/UK Spec D & B are Section 5 RFD Contact us for More Details. Shells: French 155mm 150 ono, German 10.5 drill 130, French 75 & case 50, 13Pdr 50 ono. The Militaria Specialists/Auctioneers at Catawiki will provide an unrivaled auction experience for both the Seller and the Buyer! Deactivated to EU/UK Specification with fully moving parts which dry-fire, removable magazine. Mounted on the rare first pattern Anti-Aircraft Tripod. Deactivated to EU/UK Specification with firing bolts welded in, Legal EU/UK Proof House Certificate. Our flight comparison engine takes out the guesswork out of getting the best price on your trip.Searching through low cost flights and traditional providers, the booking process makes it even easier to get your hands on cheap tickets.*Prices refer to lowest available return flight, and are per person for the dates shown.

You can see who is on the site now, chat to them, talk to them through your microphone, or turn on your webcam and get even closer and see who is on the other side.Excellent Condition and an interesting addition to any pistol collection. Production lasted 20 years after which many of the surplus weapons were exported to other Communist countries. Deactivated to EU/UK Specification, removable magazine. It hasoriginal motorised traverse and elevation and runs off 2x 12v batteries with an auxiliary petrol motor generator. Legal for private use in UK or it can be exported to an EU country. These are genuine British examples with UE (Enfield) and UB (BSA) serial numbers; high impact black furniture, iron sights, folding carrying handle and 30-shot magazine. Deactivated to EU/UK Specification with fixed bolt and some moving parts, removable magazine. NOTE These are not Belgian, not Commonwealth, they are genuine British examples and most desirable. 975 18 P&P Our latest purchase of these superb quality 7.5 x 53.5 straight pull bolt action rifles with 12-shot detachable box magazine, graduated rear sights from 300 to 1000 metres. An Antique Obsolete Calibre - Fully Working - No Licence Required. JP Humbert International Militaria Sale Ends 8pm 11th January. Deactivated to UK Specification with fully moving parts and Proof House Certificate. Blued steel finish and beautifully polished hardwood stocks, matching numbers. Medals, badges, bayonets, knives, deactivated weapons, badges, insignia, uniforms WW1 WW2. Entries now invited This was the first magazine repeating rifle adopted by the Austrian Infantry. Wallis and Wallis have built up an excellent reputation in the profession, and regularly benefit from recommendations due to our excellent range of toy and antique military auctions. The flights are subject to seat availability as well as variations in the price and tariffs.Additional payment fees may apply.*Prices refer to lowest available return flight, and are per person for the dates shown.

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PPS43 Amazing condition, with 3 extra magazines & sling. This then developed into the Mark II Aerial Lewis with slender barrel jacket and further developed into the Mark III Aerial Lewis without barrel jacket.

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