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I’m that girl who reads almost every relationship book on the Christian market. I’m that girl who loves Jesus, and fervently desires to get married, have children, and continue to serve in ministry for the rest of my days.But these good, God-honoring desires have been, by and large, unfulfilled. At times, I’ve felt overlooked and like I was missing out on all the fun of dating. Starting today, right now, you can begin a journey that will bring fun and interesting people into your life, broaden your experience of others and yourself, and lead you toward that date of all dates—a date worth keeping.With over ten years of experience personally coaching singles on dating, Dr.I really cannot say enough good about this book, nor adequately summarize the profound truths therein. You will not regret taking the time to read this book.” T.De Long in Tennessee “I met my husband 5 years after reading , and before that I met some good people who weren’t right but weren’t ridiculously wrong either.

Kind of a wake up call if a relationship is not going well. ” In my book “How To Get A Date Worth Keeping,” I talked about how a lot of Christians approach dating in a very different way than they approach the rest of life, and different that the bible tell us to approach life. So, maybe it is time to get a plan and think about how you would like for your dating life to look different and start to work it.If you look around and don’t have a community of friends, then make that your first priority. Second, as I mentioned above, see it as a symbol and reminder for what is happening the rest of the year. Even if you are not in a serious relationship by then, you will be having a blast in your dating life. Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of what you already have, or it can be a wake up call to take God’s hand and find what you haven’t found.That may be the real reason this day is the worst, as it gets you in touch with a deeper aloneness than not having a Valentine. Either way, even if it might be a reminder of some disappointment, it can be transformed into hope if you let it jumpstart you to a different future. Cloud and Townsend also discuss sexual boundaries, conflict, risk, romance, unresolved family problems and their impact on dating relationships, and other essential topics.“Dating right side up,” an exhortation to fit our dating life into our spiritual life (not vice versa) was another highlight for me.

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