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Until now, you’ve only focused on the sheer joy and pleasure you were certain awaited you when you finally had sex, but you might never have anticipated how different it would feel to actually be sexual in front of another person.

Suddenly, you find yourself self-conscious about things that you never felt inhibited about alone in your own bedroom, including just having your erection right there for someone else to see.

Also, consider an STD test if you don’t know the health status of the person you hooked up with.

Although a drink or two may boost your confidence in bed, the negative effect of even a small amount of alcohol can have on erections is well-documented.

There’s a voice in your subconscious telling you not to mess this up. Consider also that up to this point, sexual expression for you had been mostly a solo activity engaged in in private.

And you probably jumped through a few hoops of some sort to get yourself into that coveted situation in the first place.

Perhaps you’re one of those who has waited until his wedding night to have sex.

Without excellent blood flow, your erections don’t stand a chance.

Additionally, alcohol reduces the intensity of sensation, excitement, and orgasms.

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And then there’s an element of performance anxiety.

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