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Even though she's "exhausted" by the dating process (aren't we all?

He may be a little older, and all his gold chains are gone. Baracus on "The A-Team" and tough-guy boxer Clubber Lang in "Rocky III." And now he's got a new show, "I Pity the Fool," airing Wednesday nights at 10, on TV Land, where he motivates workers to be better at their jobs, reunites families who've grown apart, and helps inspire people to be better human beings. T recently spoke to Beliefnet about how his Christian faith helps him help others on the show, the importance of prayer in his life, why he pities the fool, and going through his "Job test" when diagnosed with cancer.

On the one hand, they want Rae to find a guy who deserves her.

But on the other hand, they accuse her of being too picky, which is hurtful.

(He stopped wearing them after Katrina, feeling it would be a sin against God to do so while so many people were suffering). He's grown stronger in his faith in the years since he played the legendary Sgt.

But his trademark Mohawk and scowl are unmistakable.

Rae, who is in her 30s, says at one point that she's "old enough to call [men] on their shit. Ricki Schultz's writing style is perfect for quippy stream-of-conciousness inner monologues — and the working of Rae's mind are fascinating and hilarious.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

She's super smart, often underestimated by the guys she goes out with, and has as much emotional baggage as anyone who's ever had a broken heart.

Despite all of this, she doesn't allow herself to settle.

She doesn't have time to play games, but she also don't want to settle for the next random dude that swipes right. This intervention isn't a totally terrible idea — but Rae is still forced to swim through the murky waters of online dating.

And so her best friends — the long-married Valerie and the soon-to-be-wed Quinn — takes matters into their own hands and sign her up for the dating app, Spark. Finally, she meets a guy that doesn't make her want to down a bottle of pinot before the date: Nick, the hot substitute teacher at her school.

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Have you felt the pressure to couple up because you're the last single one standing?

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