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Roy-Chowdhury unveiled new progressive web app plans at Google I/O on Wednesday.At the show, he's announcing three steps to try to make PWAs work better.The result, according to Google, was 53 percent more people using the mobile website on i OS.On all mobile devices, people were 17 percent more likely to take an action like actually buying something, according to Google's stats.Don't expect to dump your native apps for progressive web apps.

When you're on your phone, tapping that link in Facebook to a news story or opening the browser to look up movie times can be a wince-inducing process.The web levels the playing field, making it easier for new innovators to gain a foothold.And if you want to switch from a Mac to a Windows PC or vice-versa, the web smooths your way.That means the full PWA experience isn't an option today on i Phones, in particular because Apple requires other browsers like Chrome and Firefox to use Apple's own browser foundation on its i OS-powered devices. But even on i OS, app developers are taking what steps they can toward progressive web apps.French perfumier Lancome needed a better e-commerce system for mobile devices and pondered writing a native app, but decided on PWA instead since it expected few people to bother with downloading, installing and launching a sales app.

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Illustrating the openness advantages of the web, Microsoft will add PWAs to the Windows Store even without developers having to submit them.

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